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Between fashion and foot care, there’s almost no silver lining between two subjects. People take their feet for granted until issues arise such as blisters, calluses or foot pain occurs. Many women will suffer through foot pain in the name of fashion because they feel that projecting a beautiful exterior matter more.

Sadly, these unhealthy practices have to stop, and it begins with proper foot care. The following are important pointers as to why it’s best to practice a diligent foot care.

Productive Work

If work requires you to be on your feet all day, it goes to show that important foot care is important. Still, if you’re stuck at a desk all day long, your body can still feel the effects of poor posture. Because you’re sitting all day, your blood tends to pool on your feet. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to get up once in a while! When you’re dealing with poor foot care, you’re losing time from work and productivity.

Quality Life

Your quality life matters, and this related to your feet. Things such as shopping, walking, visiting friends, playing and working are associated to our feet. These little pleasures are something we tend to neglect until we begin to feel pain. When you’re not working at your best, foot pain will succumb your routine which sets you back.

Preventative Measures

When you take care of your feet, you’ll be preventing years of pain down the road. However, if you’re already practicing good foot care, we urge you to continue! The following are so things you can consider adding to your routine:

  • Whether it’s during the day or night, wash your feet every day! Make sure you get in between the toes.
  • Don’t trim your nails too short. Do not dig the corners.
  • Inspect your feet on a regular day basis. ¬†Look for red spots, blisters, bruises or cuts. Inspect for lumps and bumps.
  • Wear shoes that are comfortable for your feet. Always choose the right size, fit and feel.
  • Always wear clean socks to avoid the spread of bacteria.
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