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All women have a love/hate relationship with their heels. Imagine walking in Louboutins for a mile, and it already sounds like torture. Still, there’s something about them that’s worth the sacrifice especially when they elongate the legs and shape the calves. Also, what’s not to love about the sound of your high heels clanking against the surface? It feels empowering, right? So if you don’t want to ditch your heels, there’s good news for you! You can do something about preventing the pain.

Try Gel Insoles

When you’re having heel problems, try using gel insoles. You’d be surprised as to how helpful they are. They help by preventing your toes from scrunching which eliminates the blisters. These insoles assist in ways possible as they can shape the arch keeping the pressure away from your feet.

Minimize the Heel

If you still want to walk in heels with ease, compromise on shorter heels. In fact, shoe repair shops can shave the tip of your heels at such an affordable price. Shaving as little as an inch can make a difference in comfort.

Don’t be Afraid of Straps

Are you frustrated by shoes that slip off your feet? Consider using high heels with straps instead. Loose shoes tend to make you drag your feet to prevent it from slipping while snugged heels can give you blisters. For a secure fit and ease, purchase shoes with straps.

Consider a Break

Wearing heels every day can take a toll on your feet. Relax them once in a while by alternating flat shoes and high heels. We highly suggest wearing them every other day so that you can give your feet some time to recover.

One Size Bigger

It’s better to have a bit of room to wiggle your toes in. You don’t have to follow your shoe size if it feels uncomfortable for you. Some celebrities like to wear a shoe size bigger to prevent¬†discomfort. Try as many sizes as you can and walk in them to see how they feel before buying.

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