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Many people increase their level of activity during the summer as the weather permits it. Still, some women are burdened with the idea that their foot feels heavy as they workout. So the following as some tips to run with lighter feet during the season ahead.

Be Consistent

When you’re at the office all day, chances are, you might be sitting all day. Do not impede your blood circulation by sitting with your legs crossed. When you’re sedentary during the day, change positions whenever you find the opportunity.

If you just started running, ease into the activity. Try warming up first like taking a slow pace until your body is used to the exercise. Issues such as varicose veins, smoking, and diabetes can cause your feet to feel very heavy. If so, see your doctor for underlying problems.

Keep Yourself Cool

Of course, this is a general rule for the summer. As always, try to wear light clothing and light colors. When you want to workout in the great outdoors, always find shade, and never run during the high peaks of heatwaves. Having said that, always wear sunscreen.

Because the asphalt tends to absorb more heat, try running in areas with grass and trees. When you’re down with your workout, do not stop all of a sudden as this can lead to fainting and exhaustion.

Drink Lots of Water

With increased heat calls for more consumption of more fluid because when you’re losing electrolytes in your body, you could have muscle cramps. Additionally, opt for multivitamins to keep your body staying sharp. When you have a deficiency in iron, magnesium, and folate, you can have muscle cramping. Prevent that from happening by drinking more fluids and taking the right balance of nutrients.

Move Smoothly

You want to exercise in an efficient manner. If your feet rolls as you strike the ground, you may want to consider your posture. When you move efficiently, this will help your body feel less tired.

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