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When you purchase new shoes, often they may feel uncomfortable. Becoming your own foot doctor will help alleviate the issue as you understand what it is that your feet needs. Often, shoes are designed to look sexy and hot– comfort doesn’t always take into factor to this. At this point, you might wonder whether the issue is a foot problem or a shoe problem.

The answer to this is simply, both!

Blame the Hormones

During pregnancy, a woman’s feet can change due to a hormone called relaxin. As it’s released during pregnancy, it aims at weight bearing ligaments along the pelvis during childbirth. Because of this, it affects the arch of the feet which causes it to stretch. In turn, the feet gets wider and longer in size. The unfortunate part about this, the changes are permanent.

The Structure Matters

One of the reasons why the foot could be a problem is due to deformities. Bumps and lumps that develop on the side of the feet can pose issues to your comforts such as hammertoes, bone spurs, and bunions. Bony structures that form on top of the feet can pose problems such as skin ulcers, skin irritations, calluses, or corn formation. To say the least, they’re painful!

Narrow feet can also be a problem to many users as shoes are produced to cater smaller feet. Those who have small feet find difficult to choose the perfect fit for them. After a while, they slide and slip from the shoes as they develop blisters that bring painful sensations.

It Could be Your Shoes

 Of course, it’s no surprise that your shoes can be a factor to pain. Many of the shoes in the market are designed for looks with comfort as the second priority. Because of that, uncomfortable fit can cause foot pain. We all know which shoes are the painful ones as their design seem to get higher off the ground.  They’re painful for a variety of reasons: The toe box may be narrow or shallow which causes irritations on the skin. Additionally, if the slope is too drastic, the arch of the feet tends to get affected.

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