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Every woman understands how difficult it is to find the perfect pair of shoes that feels and looks incredible. So when you find the perfect pair, it’s only logical to extend its life. Whether they are your dream sneakers, flats, or pumps, you want them to last long. In this case, shoe care is imperative, and we’re here to give you tips.

Check With a Shoe Repair Specialist Before Breaking Them In

When it comes to extending the life of your shoes, you may want to run some preventive care. Before you use them everywhere, ask your shoe repairman to add rubber soles on them. Leather tends to wear down fairly quickly so adding a thin rubber sole can help. They come in different colors, and they blend well with any heels or flats. In addition, the rubber soles will help prevent water from seeping in which damages the shoes.

Don’t Purchase Shoes Just to Fix Them

Finding the perfect vintage pumps is like hitting the jackpot at the casino, but if they’re in need of a repair, it’s best to leave them. Dried out leather is close to impossible to restore for a thrifty price. Compare it to a car that has a lot of issues. Sometimes, the repair costs more than it’s price value.

Try Shoes With Little Wiggle Room

Wait what? That’s right, if you see the perfect shoes and there’s little wiggle room, don’t forgo them. Instead, take them to for a shoe repair to make them loose. In many cases, tight shoes can fit without issues. How? Stretching machines can increase their width and length as well as specific areas. Similarly, you can alter tall boots as well. Shoe repairers can add about 1/2 inch in the calf which give you a lot of wiggle room.

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