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Beauty tips are everywhere, and we mean, EVERYWHERE. We’ve pretty much read everything from using ground coffee as an exfoliator to toothpaste to zap the zits. Of course, some tips work better than others, but we stay true to the strange and beautiful. The following are some tricks to use when you want a change from the ordinary.

Goodbye Double Chin

Double chins are some of the many that will haunt a woman’s nightmare. However, getting rid of it is easy! Simply use caffeine-rich cellulite cream, and rub on the jawline. Now, you’re probably thinking, ‘why in the world would we want to do that?’ Well, the answer is fairly simple. Caffeine is a diuretic agent that will absorb the additional¬†fluid, and it will reduce the puffiness. This trick is not permanent as it’ll only work for a few hours. Still, it’s enough to get through the entire party looking glamorous.

Boosting Your Lashes

Enough with lash-boosting concoctions that may or may not work. Our solution is easy and efficient as you dab flax seed oil on your lash line nightly. This natural lash booster is packed with Omega -9, -6, and -3 that repairs damages and promotes growth.

Set Your Makeup

This celebrity secret may seem a tad bit counterintuitive but a hot bath for 10 minutes will do wonders. The steam will set your makeup, and the dose of moisture will make you look dewy, fresh and plump.

So Long Acne

Have you ever wondered what makes celebrities looking flawless? While you might think that it’s all the concealers, you couldn’t be any more wrong. Instead of finding answers in makeup, they use vaseline and nasal spray. Okay, that’s just super strange, right? The solutions contain vasoconstrictors that shrink the blood vessels which reduces the inflammation and redness.

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