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The best form of cardio is by running. When doing this simple workout, you’re releasing an abundant amount of endorphins which results to a ‘runner’s high.’ Still, with this in mind, many women continue to hate running because their feet tends to feel heavy while doing it. The following are simple ways to correct the issue.

You’ve Adding a Couple of Pounds

If you added a couple of pounds, you will feel a lot of stress on your legs and feet. Because of this, a pounding sensation could make it a bit discomforting to run. Some people will feel the difference in as little as a two-pound weight gain.

Water retention usually causes smaller weight gains. Such a thing can lead to fluctuations which can pinpoint to bloating. If you happen to be eating a lot of salt or carbs, this can be a heavy factor as to why the weight gain happened as excess water is stored within the body.

If this is the case, try low-impact exercises until you’ve shed the excess weight. If you think you’re carrying more than just water weight, try burning extra calories by avoiding junk food.

Not Enough Circulation Within the Body

If you happen to have a desk job, chances are you’re sitting all day. With this in mind, your body tends to feel heavier around the lower legs. You could also be suffering from other issues like smoking, varicose veins, or diabetes.

One way to fix this problem is by starting your workout slowly. If you happen to be a new runner, try giving yourself at least five minutes to warm up. Try lunges, stretches, or light jogging before embarking on strenuous activities.

You Need New Shoes

The issue might not be your body! In some cases, your shoes could be the underlying problem. If you happen to feel extra heavy, you probably need cushioned shoes or extra support. We suggest using low-heeled options for a smoother run.


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