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Every year, people make it a goal in taking care of their health to kick start the new year. If you’re one of these people, pledging for healthy feet should be a priority. We don’t often think about our feet until an issue arises, and then we start to value them. Don’t let this happen to you! This coming year, make it an effort to care for your feet with the following habits.

Walk More Often

The simplest way to exercise is by walking. There is no special equipment to attain this, and you can do it in any given weather. For the overall body, it’s the best way to stay fit. As little as 20-30 minutes, a day can maintain your body’s shape without straining your feet!

Lose the Extra Weight

Okay, this is pretty much on everyone’s New Year’s resolution, but we think this important to highlight. Why? The less weight you have, the better it is on your feet. This is especially important for people who have to stand all day long. If you’re already at your optimal weight, we suggest to maintain it! Always keep your feet healthy for the next years to come.

Visit Your Doctor

You owe it to your feet to receive regular check-ups. Why? Your feet is an important part of your body that lets you move to wherever you need to go. If you already have a foot condition, this is not the time to skip your appointment with a podiatrist. So remember always to take care of your feet!

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