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Fashion Week from New York to Paris has been hitting the blogosphere like wildfire. Everyone wants to know what are the latest fashion trends to watch out for. Prints, colors, and styles are some things to consider when you want the latest shoes in your closet. The following are trends we’ve seen for the fall and winter collection. Trust us; there is a pattern here.

Ankle Booties

Knee-high boots have been paving the way for ankle boots. This is all in good spirit as ankle boots are comfortable and provides the right balance of comfort. Also, they’re small enough so that you can still show off some legs! Wear them with some ankle-high tight jeans or rock them with a dress.

Classic Pumps

After observing runway shows, the classic pumps has been making a come back in 2016. They’re perfect to pair with flared trousers, cropped pants, leather leggings and more. In 2015, thick and thin heeled pumped set the stage for shoes when they were seen everywhere. Still, classic pumps are no longer the standard. They’re embellished with beads, accent designs and much more. So, when you want to add them to your collection, don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone.

Lace Up

The runways for spring and summer were filled with lace up footwear mesmerizing us with gladiator-style influences. They were a huge hit with the public as many people purchased them to incorporate with their outfit. Luckily, these shoes are in new form, and we can still enjoy them during the cold season.

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