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Ah, spring 2017. While it’s still in the middle of winter, we can’t help but feel excited for the fashion trends of spring. There’s something so promising about its season that we had to stop and think about its interesting concepts. Upon research, we have been seeing a few notable trends that are worth mentioning.

Lace Wrapped

Whether they’re flats or sandals, laces are now a thing. They put emphasis on sophistication as you see lace going up on the ankle. They’re adorable and rather mesmerizing.

We’re not just talking about gladiator style shoes either. We’re talking about straps in general. And we think that this is actually an interesting style as it helps women walk comfortably. So in a way, this trend is truly appreciated, and we’re hoping that its reception is as successful as their debut at fashion week.

Hello, Platforms

Remember in the 90s when platforms were a thing? Well, they’re back. They come in a variety of heights and styles. From fashion week, they were at a wooden take, with leather finishes all hail from Gucci.

We have seen a lot of different styles from half inch platforms to six inches in height. Whatever you think about them, you’ll see them more often in the streets. Or at least we hope so!

Kitten Heels

Gone are days of six-inch heels that made all girls crawl at the end of the night. Kitten heels are back, and we hope that they do for a very long time! They’re easy to wear with little to no discomfort! With a touch of spring 2017 trends, they’re back and sleeker than ever.

What are your thoughts on shoe trends for spring 2017? Are there any ones that grabbed your attention? If so, tell us in the comments below!

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