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It seems that every month there is a new fashion trend that takes the internet by storm. High waisted jeans, crop tops, and knee-high boots are some the most breakthrough fashion statements that have surfaced. Keeping up with all of these trends can cost tons of money and can cost you space in your closet! Some clothes may seem to get tucked away and never see outside of your closet doors. Instead of falling to the habit of feeling like you have to have the latest clothes, try incorporating these fashion habits into your next shopping spree and overall fashion lifestyle.

Remember What You Have Already

It can be hard to pass through a mall and see all of the newest and cutest clothes sitting on the racks with sale signs everywhere. However try to resist these temptations, satisfy that craving of buying new clothes and see if you can make new outfits with the clothes you already have! Mix and match different shirts and pants together and see what you can create. This will make a shirt you may not worn for a while into an almost new shirt!


When you transition from the different seasons, you may think that you’ll have to throw or give away old clothes because you aren’t going to be wearing them! You don’t have to give away old clothes for that reason at all, you can recycle that. Make those old pairs of jeans into shorts or cut up that old t-shirt into a cute racerback tank top. The possibilities are endless and you won’t have to go shopping to get those cute new shorts because you just made a pair yourself!

Care For Your Clothes

If you find yourself going through articles of clothing left and right because they are fading, have fabric bumps on them, or shrink it might be caused from your laundry routine. Since clothing is made from all sorts of different materials, you shouldn’t mix and match those materials with others. When the clothes rub together in the washer and dryer it creates friction between the clothes therefore ruining that article of clothing. Also pay attention to the tags on delicate materialed shirts, pants, or dresses, some should not go in the washer and should be hand washed and dried. Doing these little extra steps will help keep your clothes lasting longer physically and creatively.

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