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2016 has become the year of retrograde and throwback trends from the 80s and 90s decade. We have seen everything from the crop top to high waisted jeans roll back into our closets, but what about the shoes? There is so much to be talked about when it comes to the completion of an outfit. So what are the shoes and accessories you need to be wearing this fall to keep your outfits trendy and everyone jealous? We’ve listed four that will make you worthy of New York’s Fashion Week!

Doc Martins

These leather based boots were all the craze in the 90s and they are back! With hundreds of colors, designs, and styles you can wear these comfortable, heel-raised, lace-up boots with your favorite sweater dress and tights or those high-waisted jeans and bomber jacket!

Over-The-Knee Boots

Although ankle boots have been quite the style staple for sometime now, it’s time to break out the almost pant like boot! Over-The-Knee boots are the perfect pairing having t-shirt and sweater dresses that need a bold statement without leggings or tights. You can go lace-up or suede, either one brings a subtle fall look!

Sweater Socks

Boots can be boring even though they can make your outfit stand-out, maybe it is time to give your boots the attention they deserve. Peek-a-boo sweater socks are the perfect way to do that! Without being extremely thick, these type of socks come in hundreds of colors and patterns to match your boots and outfit, but also keep your feet cozy warm!

Knitted Headbands

It can be difficult to not only keep yourself warm during harsh winters, but look cute in addition to that. Your ears can be cold and that hoodie just doesn’t perform at it’s best. What’s the solution, knitted headbands. The cutest and warmest thing you can wrap around your head will present a fashion icon when you walk outside your doors! These accessories will complete your outfit from head-to-toe…literally!

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