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No matter how frequent you take care of your leather shoes, scratches are inevitable. It’s possible to skid your shoes while walking in the streets, or someone steps on them while you’re sitting down. While your shoes appear to look ruined, there are many ways to restore it. Leather is an all-purpose material that has the capability to bond itself together. This makes restoration simple for shoe repair shops in Las Vegas.

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How to Restore Your Leather Shoes

  1. If possible, call the manufacturer of your leather shoes when a scratch is noticed.  Many times, manufacturers have different recommendations to repair shoes. Sometimes, they offer a shoe repair kit that is for free or at a discounted price to their customers.
  2. Using a cotton swab, rub olive oil or baby oil on the scratch. After the application, rub the surrounding area in a circular motion. Give it one hour for the oil to dry. If the scratch lingers, move on to step three. 
  3. Moisten the cloth and place it on the scratched area. Allow for the moisture to immerse in the scratch.
  4. This step is only applied on aniline leather like bycast or pull-up. Using a damp cloth, press a warm iron onto it. This is to draw out the moisture from the leather, and when this happens, the leather may fix itself.
  5. Find a shoe polish that appropriately matches the shade of your shoes. With a light application, rub the polish on the show. After that, quickly buff the scratched area. If the leather doesn’t match the shoe polish, wash it off as soon as possible.

If you have leather shoes that you would like to restore, bring them over to us, and we’ll be happy to fix them for you! Simply call us at 702-791-2004.

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