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Men will not bother to understand the connection between a woman and her pair of shoes. Fair enough. Still, if you want to know about her, shoes can give insights into someone’s personality. Is she an introvert, extrovert, laid-back, or fiery? The answer to those questions lies behind a mere glance at shoes.

Does this sound like pseudo-science? A study in 2012 from the University of Kansas concluded that individuals could tell a person’s personality just by looking at their shoes. Those who tend to be agreeable wore functional and practical shoes whereas people who wore ankle boots tend to have aggressive personalities.

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Because shoes carry variety, the authors found that shoes present information. Besides footwear, the way someone dresses creates a profile about themselves. The author of Date Out of Your League, April Masini says, “It’s wise to check out her shoes for clues about who she is, and how she’ll behave.” The following are solid information you’ll find just by looking at women’s shoes:

Level of Confidence

You can tell if someone is confident or on the verge of being cocky. Women who tend to be more revealing confident in their skin compared to those who wear closed-toe shoes. Additionally, women who take care of her feet tend to be groom everywhere else. So if you see a pedicure going on, expect that she will be high-maintenance.

Interestingly, wide heels and wedges hint insecurity. Women who wear them want to look taller without the discomfort from high heels. According to Carole Lieberman, MD, “They may be a little more middle-of-the-road. Also, the wider and shorter the heels on a woman’s shoes, the more insecure she might be.”


Those who wear brightly colored shoes are more likely to be thrill-seekers, extroverts and playful. But if you see bright pumps, you’re looking at a high-maintenance woman. Those who have peacock tendencies will be a bit of a challenge and may require a little more attention than others.

Laid back women tend to wear boots and flats. When someone is wearing ballerina flats, it means that they prefers comfort over style. Those who are a little too laid-back tend to wear flip-flops even if they’re not on the beach. “She’s just grabbing something to put on her feet because she has to, and she could be pretty free-wheeling about other aspects of her life as well,” says Lieberman.

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Branding of Personality

The cost of shoes says a lot about personal branding. Designer pumps mean you’re looking at someone who values their comfort and personal style. Additionally, she may appreciate her work too. If a woman wears expensive riding boots, they like to splurge on luxurious items.

Highly-priced shoes also factor into personalities as liberals tend to wear cheaper and shabbier shoes compared to conservatives. In conclusion, if a woman’s shoes cost similar to a month’s worth of rent, she may have a demanding personality. The good part about this, she can probably afford her luxuries.


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