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There’s nothing more annoying than walking with squeaky shoes. Squeaking is caused by wear and tear, manufacturing mistakes, or even moisture that’s trapped in the shoes. In fact, this is one of the most popular issues shoe repair shops in Las Vegas get from their clients! Nevertheless, there are many ways to fix this problem!

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How to Fix Squeaky Shoes

Find the Root of the Problem
You want to figure out which part of the shoes is making the squeaks. To do this, walk back and forth until you locate the motion that creates the noise. If it’s possible, have a friend help you by listening carefully for the sound.

The Magic of Powder
Sometimes, squeaks happen because of moisture created by the feet. To reduce this, drizzle some powder inside the shoes to absorb the condensation. If the noise is rooting from the inside, lift the soles and put powder along the sutures. Additionally, you may want to put some powder on the tongue placed under the laces.

Swab With Silicone Spray
If there’s anything that is more efficient in removing squeaky noises, it’s silicone sprays. With such compelling product, we highly recommend being careful in its application. Grab a cotton ball and lightly spray the silicone spray on it. Rub the entire outline of the seams.

Note: For materials like suede, do not use oil-based products.

Leather Conditioner May Do
Keep leather lubricated by using shoe conditioners. To do this, gently buff the shoes with a dry cloth.

Bring to a Shoe Repair Shop
Sometimes, the issue occurs internally, that only a trusted shoe repair specialist can fix the problem. So, if your shoe problem persists, call for a trusted shoe repair shop in Las Vegas like us for more information!

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