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For women, knowing your shoe vocabulary is important when you’re trying to describe them to your friends and family. After all, there are so many styles to select from that simply calling them “shoes” is not sufficient anymore. Are you talking about sneakers? Flats? Ballet shoes? Do you see what we mean? There are so many types of shoes out there that it’s difficult just to say, shoes!

Different Types of Shoes

Pumps are elegant shoes with heels. Think of it this way, heels “pump” height! Shoes like pumps are ideal for pairing along with almost anything. They’re popularly used with elegant dresses.

Cone shoes earned its name for having a thick heel that is resembling an ice cream cone. They’re similar to pumps as you can use them with almost any outfit especially dresses.

Stilettos are shoes for those who are not afraid to be bold. They are tall, and they have a minimalistic design. To be considered a stiletto, the shoes has to be at least two inches long.

Chunky shoes are with thick heels alongside rectangular shaped front. They’re commonly used around the fall season as it protects the feet from getting cold.

Ankle strap shoes are steep in design. Think of pump shoes but they have a strap around the ankles. The straps are used for ease as some women have a difficult time walking in high heels. They are also elegant in style.

Scarpin is similar to the pump, but they have smaller heels. Think of classic shoes! Many women find it comfortable to wear these types of shoes because the heels are reasonably heightened.

Platform shoes are thick in the soles that add at least four inches in height. Such pumps are usually used for festivals and costumes while others like to use them for a night out.

Flats are shoes with no heels. These shoes vary in design, but its functionality is perfect for performance.

Mary Jane shoes are low-cut with a strap running across the instep. Aside from the strap, they’re similar to flats as it doesn’t involve heels.

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