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Christian Louboutin is known for their signature shoes with red soles. Now, many groups have tried to replicate them as counterfeits. Several women have issues in purchasing them online for fear that they could be fake. Web sites such as eBay have sellers that offer fake shoes that claim to be authentic. Still, there are ways to spot a fake Louboutin shoes from an authentic one, and we’re here to tell you all about it!

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Spotting the Real Deal From the Fake One

Authenticity Cards

This should come as an enormous red flag in your book as Christian Louboutin does not dispatch authenticity cards. They don’t “guarantee” high-quality products on a piece of paper. If you receive any of booklets, pamphlets or cards proving authenticity, they’re fake!

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When you have an authentic Louboutin shoes, you’ll notice their excellence in detail, and this profoundly shows on their stitching. Fake ones will demonstrate bad stitching from the outside to inside. They will also look sloppy in workmanship. If in any case you see a loose thread and have the urge to fix it, you could be looking at a counterfeit.

Signature Red Soles

Red soles are incorporated to all Louboutin shoes. Many counterfeit shoes will replicate the red paint on it to no avail. Bright red color with an incorporation of high gloss finish is always the standard Louboutin shade. Fake ones usually have an off color of super bright or dark red. In addition to this, you may want to pay attention to the lettering. Many fake Louboutins will replicate the logo and then stamp “Made in Italy” on the bottom. It will also have the EUR size. The spacing is always off when it comes to appropriate lettering.

Always be aware of where you purchase your Christian Louboutin shoes. Make sure that before you shell out your hard earned money, that you’re sure the product is authentic! Don’t fall into deception as many sellers will say they are genuine when this is far from the truth.

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