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Men tend to have a simpler fashion sense than women. Still, there are important features that they need to highlight to look good. Time and time again, we receive inquiries about proper shoe pairing when it comes to suits or pants. We don’t believe that this is too difficult since men’s shoe colors tend to be limited. Unless you have an extreme taste color coordination, shoe pairing shouldn’t be a problem!

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Men’s Fashion Tips

Take note that color defines the formality of the occasion. A rule of thumb is to wear dark colors such as black during formal events while lighter colors like brown are preferable for informal occasions. Having said that, attending a business meeting should always consist of black shoes to represent professionalism.

One fashion trend that is becoming more and more popular is the incorporation of camel colored or light brown dress shoes with dark colored suits. These contrasting colors give a trendy style that gives a casual appearance to the user.

“But what if the pants are brown like chocolate or olive?” You might ask. Some men think that they should wear brown with brown, but that’s not necessarily true! While brown shoes may look sharp with the outfit, black is also acceptable.

Slip on shoes are great, but keep in mind that lace-up is better. You can split lace-up shoes into two categories: blucher and balmoral. The difference between the two is that one is less formal than the other.

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