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If you’re lucky enough to have wide feet, we think you’d enjoy this entry! And when we say “lucky,” we mean that as an exaggeration! We know numerous of people who has had the trouble of purchasing shoes because of their broad feet. Being wide in width makes it difficult to find the best shoes available in stores. Because many shoes are designed for the majority, wide width shoes are almost a rare find. Time and time again, people stop by our shoe repair shop to ask where are the best places to shop for wide width shoes. We’re here to list some of those for you!

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Buying Wide Width Shoes

Plus-Size Stores

You won’t believe how many wide width shoes that plus-size stores have. In many cases, plus-size stores offer almost all their shoes at wide width for their customer’s convenience. More importantly, they have access to the latest fashion trends, so you never have to worry about being out of style.

Online Stores

The internet is rich with information that even the simplest ideas are written in digital form. Having said that, many online stores offer a variety of shoes that provide wide-width shoes that are catered to everyone’s comfort. A simple Google search of  “wide width shoes” will give you vast results to what you’re looking for.

Shoe Repair Shops

Okay, we’re not saying that we have a collection of shoes to choose from, but there is something that we can do to help! The pressure of wearing slimmer shoes aggravates comfort which makes it so difficult for some women to walk in peace! Lucky for you, we can widen your shoes!

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