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Here at Shoe Lab World, we feel that it’s necessary for all our customers to know more about running shoes. Why? Because we are a shoe repair shop that deals with a variety of footwear! Having said that, it might be overwhelming to see a variety of running shoes in front of you. You’ll naturally take the design that looks appealing to your eyes and go on your merry way, right? But, did you know that there’s more to purchasing running shoes than just its fit and look? Find out more below!

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How to Choose the Right Running Shoes

Road vs. Trail Running Shoes

Road running shoes tend to be wide in size, and they are designed to use on pavement. Its sole has slight irregularities, and it is very flexible. Because pavement is a tough surface, thick cushions are essentially integrated for the user’s comfort. On the contrary, trail running shoes are designed for off-road routes with very aggressive outsoles for substantial traction. Since off-road running can vary from different terrain, these shoes are reinforced with underfoot protection to fortify support and stability.

Feet Integration

Know what comforts your feet. Choose the shoes that offer motion control with extra stability, and cushioning. This should be easy on the ankles as it moves in a sideways motion for propelling the feet forward. Additionally, take the arches of your feet into consideration. Why is this important? Well, the arch’s height can influence the way your ankle rolls.

When Buying Shoes

Buy them at the end of the day when you feet tends to be enlarged. When trying them on, make sure that you have a gap the length of a thumbnail’s between your toes and the shoe box. The gap provides room for normal swelling to occur during a run.

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