Shoe Lab World

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Let’s face it. Our shoes are attracted to dust and dirt which means that we need the right tools and solutions to maintain its cleanliness. Not only do we want to keep it clean, but we also want to extend its longevity! This is why there are accessories and solutions to help keep your shoes lasting longer and cleaner!

Dry Cleaner and Spot Remover

There are products in the market that are professional grade to remove spots from clothing, wool, leather, and vinyl. Additionally, they are perfect for removing grease and dirt off the shoes. Get the product here.

Brass Suede Brush

These brushes keep your suede shoes looking fresh and clean. It eliminates flat spots making them look brand new again. These brushes contain soft bristles that are gentle on the shoes without damaging it one bit. Get the product here.

Cedar Shoe Tree

These simple shoe tools keep the shoes forming fresh and new after a repetition of use. Many of them feature a flexible spring that adjusts to the shoe fit. Get the product here.

Performance Gel

Having trouble with your shoe’s arch support? Is there not enough cushioning for your shoes? With the help of performance gels, the return of your comfort is imminent. These cushions brings users its overall comfort that activates energy from start to finish. Get the product here.


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