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If you didn’t know already, there’s more to shoes than meets the eye. If you simply buy shoes and wear them without throwing accessories for comfort, then you could be wearing your shoes incorrectly.

Now, please let us explain ourselves here for a moment. Take your high heeled pumps for as an example, and just think about how uncomfortable they are to wear after a couple of hours. We think that’s a situation that calls for some serious attention. Nevertheless, did you know that there are shoe accessories that you can purchase to make walking and the overall comfort of your shoes better? Take it from us; we know what we’re talking about.

The following are some of our shoe repair tips on shoe accessories.

Gel Spots

You know those annoying spots where your shoes rub against a certain part of your feet? After long hours, it starts to scab, and boy, is that situation painful! Well, when you use gel spots, you can be sure to soften the sensation by applying them on those critical zones making you feel as though, you’re walking on cloud nine.

Gel Cushions

We all have those heels that makes walking uncomfortable. No matter how much we try to strive for comfort, our feet just tends to get shoved towards the bottom of the toebox. When using a gel cushion, it keep the feet in place, and it makes walking so much comfortable. These accessories come in different colors, but the most popular choice are the clears ones as they can be easily hidden.


We’re not just talking about any type of socks for your sneakers. We’re talking about those special socks that you can wear and still rock your good looking flats! These accessories are perfect in preventing irritations, and sore spots, and most importantly, it covers the foot without actually being shown in plain site.

Foot Pillows

Yes! They actually exist! Gone are the days when your shoes used to kill you because of its hard surface! These act like insoles, but for overall comfort levels.


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