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The basics of shoe repair is taking preventive measures and quick fixes to help your footwear last for multiple seasons. The following are solutions that you should know if you’re a shoe lover!

Shoe Repair Basics

In some cases, you’ll see a woman wear flats that’s already been worn out. It’s clear that those pair of shoes has taken a beating, but its user doesn’t want to let them go. You’ll usually see scuff marks around the toes which is unflattering to the eyes. The good news is that shoe repairs can fix this issue! One thing that they will do is apply a “dance rubber” on the bottom of the flats in order to protect the existing sole. They will also polish the shoes to freshen up its overall appearance.

Scuffed Suede Shoes

One way to get rid of the scuffs is by purchasing a suede brush. Before brushing it, let your shoes sit while you take a warm shower. The steam makes the suede look fresh, and it will break up the grime.

Stiletto Heels Worn Down

If nail is starting to look exposed from your heels, you’re due for a heel cap. This can easily be done by shoe repair shops like us. We recommend to have them replaced every two seasons specially when they are frequently used.

Smelly Sneakers

This issue is easily preventable when taking the right steps. One of the most important preventive measures is by wearing 100% cotton socks. Other materials like polyester and nylon are actually where sweat thrives. You want something like cotton to absorb the sweat instead of spreading them. For shoes that already have that fowl smell, deodorize it by filling it up with baking soda, or you can throw them in the washer by securing them in a pillowcase. Afterwards, let them air dry in a warm environment.

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