Shoe Lab World

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Designer shoes are a lovely addition to every woman’s closet, and pairing them with an outfit is a plus! Many women accumulate their collection of shoes over time. For some, it is an assortment of trophies.

Each pair has a story to tell whether they are embarrassing, witty, or funny. However, shoes can rack up one’s wallet specially when they are designers. Inevitably, when a woman wears them often, they tend to get scuffs over time.

The good news is that there are shoe repair shops all around the city to help people with their shoe needs. Let’s hope that no one fixes a broken heel using a simple superglue because that can be very dangerous to one’s balance! Regardless, shoe repair shops are available when major issues tend to happen. In this case, let’s just hope that your problem is a minor one so you can do this DIY tricks!

The following are fool-proof DIY shoe repair tricks:

Broken straps: You can easily use a heavy duty sewing machine to fix this issue, but unlike many girls, this item isn’t readily available. Simply hand stitching it will do just the trick. Make sure that the thread matches the color of the shoes so that it doesn’t look too bad!

In some cases, when hand sewn straps are done, they can look a bit untidy. This part is your chance to get creative by adding some accessories with your strap. A simple flower or jewelry clip can hide your shoes repair!

Old leather: a leather polish comes in handy when your shoes starts to look a bit faded. Simply add a small amount of solution on the shoes and buff them entirely. Do this until you’re satisfied with the outcome and they look dry. If you don’t have any shoe polish ready and you need to wear these particular shoes now, using baby wipes will do the trick.

Soles that flop: Maybe you’ve worn out your favorite shoes but you’re not quite ready to let go of them just yet. One way you can fix this is by gluing the soles back to the base of the shoes. First you’ll need to clean off whatever accumulated dirt it got so that the glue sticks to the base. Leave the glue to dry for about 24 hours.


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