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Finding the right shoes that look and feel great is one of the things that could happen to a woman. And whether they are pumps, flats, sneakers, ballet shoes, or wedges, it’s only natural to want to extend its life for as long as possible.

So what are some shoe repair secrets that we’ve been dying to tell you?

Wear Rubber Soles

Preventive care is important before you start to wear your shoes. Ask your local repair shop to put rubber soles on the shoes in order to help them last longer. This is because leather tends to wear down fairly quickly. The best thing to do is to wear thin rubber soles. They come in many different colors so they tend to blend well with heels.

Use Gel Pad

Gel pads are great for overall comfort. They help walking feel so much better than not wearing them at all. When using gel pads, make sure to change them at least once a month as they tend to stretch out. When they are not changed, this makes them less effective over time.

Your Shoes Need to be Waterproofed

This is especially true when you’re in rainy cities. The idea of always waterproofing your shoes is so that water doesn’t enter inside. Using a simple water repellent spray will help keep your shoes at it’s optimal shape.

Use Shoe Bags/Boxes

In order to keep your shoes lasting longer, don’t throw their boxes away. Instead, use them regularly so that they are stored properly. This prevents them from having any structural damages over time. Exposing your shoes in dry and hot places can cause the leather to crack. Once this happens, they look unappealing to the eyes.

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