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All the holiday cheer, comes with a lot of holiday parties. And when there are holiday parties, there is food. Gaining a little weight over the holidays is the new norm nowadays. This means that when the New Year’s rolls around, people can’t help but resolve their issue by trying to lose weight.

When people are on the road to reducing excess weight, foot care is important to maintain one’s shape.

There is no other part of the body that bears the most weight than the feet. So, trimming down a couple of pounds on the body can alleviate extra force. Of course, there is no magic pill to losing weight. It takes a lot of will-power, hard work, and patience.

We’ve come up with some tips to start off your New Year’s by shedding weight in order to help reduce the stress on the feet! Let’s get started!

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

In many tips for losing weight, eating fruits and vegetables are the most repeated. This is for a good reason. With the amount of calories packed in junk food, it’s no wonder people are easily gaining the excess weight. All the empty calories that are consumed still leaves people feeling hungry.

Let’s take Oreo’s as an example. Eating two cookies is already 140 calories in the body. Whereas one medium unpeeled apple is 110 calories. The difference is that eating an apple bears less calories, and it is also higher in fiber. This leaves the body feeling more satisfied than the latter.


In today’s world, everything has been made for our convenience like driving, fast food, frozen meals, and many more. That being said, there is absolutely no excuses for not being able to exercise regularly!

Everyone is recommended to exercise at least 30 minutes everyday. This is not limited to the conventional exercises like jogging, walking or running. Any type of exercise is better than no workout at all.


Exercising isn’t all about just wearing any type of shoes. With the amount of strain put in the feet, having a good pair of footwear is mandatory for all types of workouts. Choose those that are the comfortable on the feet with an arch support.

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