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Weddings are meant to be beautiful as it is a celebration of union and love. While many women scramble to plan for many of their wedding arrangements such as plates, flowers, food, venue, the most important part of the wedding is the outfit itself. Shoe repair Las Vegas shops believe that they should always pair perfectly together, and it should fit the personality of the bride.

So we’ve come up with some pairs for you that we think you’ll enjoy.

The Elegant

This is for the perfect wedding that’s trying to aim for sophistication and beauty. With a long dress like this, it could go turn your visitors head! Pair it with heels that like these for something a little bit on the comfort side. Closed shoes wouldn’t be necessary for this dress as the dress covered the feet already. Wearing open toe shoes like these make walking down the aisle easy.

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The Princess

While this dress is short, it doesn’t take away the innocence, and beauty of the whole dress. It is simple and sweet for those who wants to break traditions. This is a modern take on weddings for the length of the dress. Pair this dress with closed toe heels to finish the whole look.

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The Stylista

With beautiful patterns of crystals on this dress, it’s no wonder it speaks elegance and style all over it. For long dresses like these, open toe shoes are still a number one hit as it makes walking down the aisle fairly easy.
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The Laid Back Princess

Remember that post about going comfortable like say for example, a wedding at the beach? Well this is for you. Many women think that their wedding dresses should always be paired with heels, but here, we’re breaking the rules as this pick is sandals. Why should you  walk down the aisle feeling uncomfortable? It’s your day! Now shine, princess!

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