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Many women plan from weeks to months ahead before their big day. To some, their wedding day is the most precious of all so everything from the venue to food has to be perfect. While there is a lot of planning involved for such a big occasion, many brides never forget about planning for what they will wear for their big day.

The right shoes has to match the dress and finding the suitable match can be a difficult task.


The style of the shoes always has to match with the dress or else the whole look will flop. For example, if a chosen a long a-line dress with a chiffon split overlay, perhaps consider wearing a nice glitter heel.


Heels wouldn’t be appropriate if the wedding will be held at the beach. Moreover, walking down the aisle on sand. For this type of wedding, flats are the go-to shoes.


Whites vary in shades. Not all of them are white as many are off white with a cream color look to them. Such a factor can affect the whole dress itself.


The length of the dress might look perfect when they are on, but will length of the shoes affect the overall look? This could be a call for alterations.


In many cases, women choose a formal pair when they are walking down the aisle as it is very fitting for their dress. However, when it is time for the reception, the idea of wearing heels all night long is a wake-up call that screams nightmare. So they choose to change shoes like flats for a night long of fun and dancing.

Shoe Lab is proud to give you these tips as we understand the value of your time and convenience. We are not just experts in shoe repair Las Vegas, but rather, experts in shoes overall. If you have questions, comments, and tips feel free to let us know!

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