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You probably may not have heard of it before, but shoe antiquing is a real thing. You’re probably sitting at your desk wondering what exactly are we talking, and well… Shoe antiquing is when different areas of the shoe has gotten older and has darkened.

This typically happens around the areas of the toes and on the side. So the purpose of shoe antiquing is for older looking shoes appear new again. Shoe repair stores know how to do such a process as it is very easy and beautiful. 

There are two different ways in order to achieve the process of shoe antiquing. The first one is to dye the leather of the same shade as the shoes. This process can be a tricky one, and they are typically performed by shoe manufacturers. But they can also be done by shoe repair professionals. Because this is recommended by professionals only, there is one disadvantages if you do it yourself. Dyeing can permanently damage the shoes if it is done incorrectly. 

Shoe antiquing sounds more like a hassle if it was going to be sent to the manufacturer. But there is another process which is achievable by just about anyone. This is done by the techniques of shoe polishing. One good part about this is that there is little risk to damaging your shoes since shoe polish is easily removed. 


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