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There is a quote that is popularly incorporated to shoes that struck us for today’s entry, and that is, “do not judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.” But how exactly do you walk a mile in their shoes? Turns out that you don’t exactly have to.

When people look at your shoes, they can actually get a general hunch of who you are.

In a study performed on college students, the authors have found that strangers can actually guess a person’s gender, age, and income just by what their shoes are giving away. While some comes to no shock as shoes can go from no labels to designer that can easily reveal a person’s status.

In addition to basic information, people can actually go in a little deeper to your personality just by what you wear. They’ve learned that many individuals are able to analyze a person’s attachment level such as insecurities, detachments, laid-back, and relaxed personalities. Does this come to a shock?

About sixty three students from the University of Kansas were asked to look at 208 photos of other students shoes. After that, the viewers were then asked to rate the owners on personality, attachment style, whether they were extroverted or introverted, politically liberal or conservative, and demographic measures like age, gender, and family income.” The students were successful at guessing the age, income and gender. They were also accurate about the attachment levels of people.

Nevertheless, while they were accurate on many of the information, they were not able to conclude with personality types such as whether a person is an extrovert, introvert, political stands, and conscientiousness. So, when you’re hit with such a quote once again, remember that a person’s shoes can give away some of their information!

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