Shoe Lab World

Our Boca Park location is now open Saturdays 9am-5pm!

Our shoes is like our partner. We wear it everyday to protect us from stepping on anything sharp and dirty. It also compliments our everyday look whether that is in the form of heels, boots, or sneakers. So, why is it good to practice buying the right shoes?

Because it’s healthy for us, and it works with our overall comfort. The following as some tips to purchasing the proper footwear:

  1. Our feet changes as we age. So, getting our feet measured is one of the best way to start off before purchasing your shoes.
  2. In many cases, we have one foot that is slightly bigger than the other. So, if for example that foot is a seven and half while the other one is slightly below that, cater to the foot that is larger.
  3. Say no to tight shoes. While they might look stylish, don’t expect them to stretch out over time. This is not a healthy practice.
  4. When buying heels, they should have the right slip. As in, they shouldn’t ride off and on the heel when you strut!
  5. When trying on the shoes, don’t just slip them on and call it a day. Put them on completely and walk in those shoes for a few minutes. Ask yourself if they are comfortable enough.
  6. Manufacturers vary in sizes despite the label on the shoes. That being said, even if you’re a seven and half, try the shoes first before buying them so that they are the correct fit.

When those perfectly fitted shoes start to get worn out, don’t just toss them out. Have a shoe repair so that you continue taking advantage of the overall comfort of those shoes. After all, looking for a new fit is a hassle to start with! Shoe repair is perfect when you just need a little tinkering on shoes.  

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