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Our Boca Park location is now open Saturdays 9am-5pm!

A handbag, purse, or “murse” is that trusted companion in our lives that we rely on to hold our wallet, miscellaneous items, receipts, and on-the-go beauty essentials.  Most of us use the same purse day in and day out – no matter the season or outfit, but constant use can take a toll on your purse.

You love your bag, and want to save it from coming apart, and when you’re willing to splurge on a beautiful designer handbag it is important to preserve it and properly care for it.  When you invest in the right bag, the “I will have it forever” justification remains true for all of us, and it’s important to care for your bag to ensure that it has a long life.

At Shoe Lab, we have the experience and expertise to safely restore the original luster and style that first attracted you to that bag you fell in love with. Allow us to utilize our expertise in correcting color variations, removing stains, repairing handles, and/or restoring that designer bag to its original shape.

From exotic skins to supple leather, these delicate items are like skin, and like all skin, they require moisture, protection, and general maintenance.

Our service in refurbishing includes complex rehabbing like reshaping, replating scratched hardware, adding new hardware and even changing the color of your bag. Popular requests include polishing, exterior cleanings, and fixing straps.

With the high cost of these luxury items skyrocketing, it makes more sense to take care of your handbag investments. Carefully cleaning of leather, fabric and suede requires expertise from a skilled craftsperson.

Minor repairs can also be made to your handbag as well.  We have cleaned handbags made by Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Balenciaga, Chanel, and many others.

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