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Our Boca Park location is now open Saturdays 9am-5pm!

Shoe Lab will bring your favorite shoes back to life

As anyone who lives in Las Vegas will tell you living in a city, among a bustling crowd, high temperatures, and having to deal with the everyday demands of life – can wreak havoc on your favorite shoes. What they might not know is that there’s a way to have your shoes repaired without having to visit a shop.

Shoe Lab offers concierge services to those visiting Las Vegas in need of shoe repair. Locals who wish to restore or bring new life into their prized Ferragamo loafers, not so perfectly pointed stilettos, and favorite handbags, garment bags and luggage can drop off their items for quality repair services. Whether your black leather boots have been devastated by too much city walking, or you need a new strap, new heels and lots of polishing, Shoe Lab’s skilled craftsman and designers will work their magic on your favorite shoes and handbags.

As much as we don’t want to admit it, expensive shoes look better, feel better, and they elevate our sense of style from respectable to undeniable. Expensive heels are sleek, well-made and stylish. We all know there is no replacement for true quality. The right pair of shoes for you will not make you wobble like a maniac. They will be comfortable, long-lasting, and when properly cared for, they will look great and feel even better every time you wear them.

If you’re prancing around in new shoes, stop in and add a thin rubber coating to your soles. Your shoes will not only be more comfortable to walk in afterwards, the rubber coating will never need to be replaced. To extend the life of your most beloved work-essential heels – replace the heel tips.

After you’ve found that perfect pair of shoes, it’s beneficial to clean and shine them regularly, get them resoled when needed. At Shoe Lab, the service is speedy and the craftsmanship is perfect.
Frugality is not the only reason to bring in shoes for repair or maintenance. Comfort is the most important factor of all. When you’ve found a pair of shoes that fit like a glove, that make you feel like a million bucks, then you should consider repairing them instead of hoping that the replacement will look and feel equally as good.

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