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“The right shoe repair professional is steadfast in their trade. They demonstrate resilience against the throwaway mentality of our generation.”

Footwear is the foundation of your wardrobe and no matter how cheap or expensive the shoe, without proper care, they will break down quickly and devalue your investment. When you have found the perfect pair of shoes, you want to extend the life of your shoes for as long as possible. Whether you live in your favorite pumps, sneakers, loafers or ballet flats, when it comes to caring for your shoes, preventive care is the key.

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  1. Anticipate problems before they happen. A new pair of leather-soled shoes requires the installation of thin rubber soles to keep them pristine and in good long-wearing condition. Visit the cobbler before wearing new shoes and have rubber soles put on.   Since leather wears down more quickly, thin rubber soles will prevent the leather from wearing down, and keep water from seeping into the soles which can travel to the upper part of the shoe and create more damage. Have rubber taps added to the heal/front tip of the sole. Rubber taps will work as shock absorbers between the ground and your shoe.
  2. Store your shoes properly. Help your shoes maintain their shape. A cedar shoe tree will absorb any moisture and odor from normal wear and keep the upper portion of your shoe from deforming as it dries.
  3. Clean shoes. Protect your shoes from the elements by wiping down your shoes with a bit of saddle soap or a few drops of mink oil to return them to their natural shine. During the course of four seasons, shoes can be battered by high heat, snow, rain, and sleet – all of which can wear down the leather.
  4. Pretreat your shoes. Whether they are leather, suede or fabric, treat your shoes with a water and stain protector. Be sure to select a protector that uses nanotechnology because it allows the leather to breathe
  5. Rotate your shoes. While it may be tempting to wear your favorite pair of shoes often, try not to wear the same pair day after day. Rotate them with another pair of shoes, this allows them to breathe.
  6. Gel inserts are not the way to go. Gel inserts spread out and break down, leaving little cushion between your foot and the sole. Buy lasting Poron, which is used in high-end orthotics.
  7. Self cleaning methods. Patent leather can be cleaned with glass cleaner, like Windex, and tiny nicks can be filled with a dab of colored nail polish.
  8. Be patient when breaking in. Jumping in too deep with a new pair of shoes is bad for your feet and for the shoes. Wear them around the house.
  9. Utility over good looks. Suede leather shoes aren’t made for a rainy days. Sometimes you need to wear the right pair of sensible boots or flats despite the folly of their style.


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