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Suede shoes are fashionable, soft, and VERY delicate, which can make them very intimidating to clean. They have a higher rate of getting ruined, especially if they are exposed to water.

Like any shoe, they are prone to stains, scratches and dirts whenever worn outside of your closet. It is important to clean them every so often to ensure the longevity of your beloved suede shoes by following these cleaning procedures to a tee.

Cleaning the Suede

Suede is not like a normal material so you cannot use a normal bristled brush to clean them. Using abrasive pressure will ruin the shoes immediately. Invest in a suede cleaning brush and soft nylon brush for a cleaning process below.

  • Crumple old newspapers, paper, or even paper towels and insert into the toe of the shoe. This will allow the shoe to maintain it’s shape while you are cleaning it.
  • Softly brush dirt and dried mud from the material of the shoe using suede cleaning brush mentioned above. Go with the fibers of the shoe and not against as that will also destroy the material.
  • If there are stubborn marks and nicks that aren’t coming out with the brush, use a rubber cleaning stone or suede eraser on the area.
  • For the final step, use the nylon brush to buff and revive the material back to it’s naturally soft touch.

If you wear these shoes often, we suggest putting them into a protected covered area in your closet. If you have the original shoe box, great! If not use whatever box you can find, wrap the shoes in light airy tissue paper to keep them free of dirt and ready for their next outing!

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