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Leather boots are a fashion icon, giving any outfit a bold and fierce statement. Anywhere from a night out or in a profession, it is important to take care of your boots to prevent the possible wear and tear. Boots are made with different types of leather which call for different ways of cleaning them.

Your boots can either be finished or unfinished, which can be tested by placing a small amount of leather cleaner onto the boot. If the cleaner sits on the surface, the boot is finished; if it is absorbed, the boot is unfinished. But no matter the finish, this is how you clean leather boots and how to keep them clean for the future.

  • Get rid of dirt: A long day of working, commuting, or partying can cause your beloved leather boots to become dirty and worn down. To keep the appearance of your boots looking fresh, clean, and new, we suggest brushing off any dirt from the surface of your boots. Using a soft bristled brush, carefully wipe away visible dirt to prevent scratching and degrading of the leather
  • Wipe with water: Using a soft damp cloth, wipe down the boot. This will clean up any possible remnants of dirt, dust, or grime. Water does not damage leather so you can wipe down the boot as much as you need. Once done, dry it off with a dry cloth.
  • Oil/Polish Boots: On this step, you must adjust according to the type of finish your boot has. Your finished leather boots should be polished, and unfinished leather boots oiled. A cloth or foam applicator will be beneficial to the boot material, allowing them to absorb the oil or polish the best.
  • Repeat: Depending on how many times you wear these boots and for what occasion, it is important to repeat the process of these steps. If you wear the boots frequently, we suggest every five wears to do the cleaning process. However, if it is once in awhile then consider once a month!

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