Shoe Lab World

Our Boca Park location is now open Saturdays 9am-5pm!

Are you happiest when blending in with a crowd or are you the introverted laid back with an easy-going demeanor? We all know our shoes reflect our own personal sense of style and taste, but can they truly reveal what type of person you are?

We can tell about people by their footwear. Style alone can immediately reveal our attachment style, whether or not we are extroverted or introverted,  politically liberal or conservative as well as other other demographics.

Shoes can communicate something about your personality. We take a fun look at what your shoes reveal about you.

Sneakers. Worn by both men and women, a pair of colorful sneakers often indicates that an individual is emotionally stable, extroverted, independent, and quite fun.

High-Tops. Individuals sporting this classic look are young at heart, energetic, and don’t take themselves too seriously. They may possess a great sense of humor be great, conversationalists and attentive listeners.

Sky-High Pumps. Stilettos reveal a woman who is not afraid of attention. She is comfortable with her appearance. She may be in heels at the office in a meeting, but in your head, she is in Monte Carlo.

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