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The summer days are over, and while it’s bittersweet to see it come to an end, it is time to welcome the fall season with open arms, or should we say, welcome shoes? Even though the summer heat waves hasn’t completely dispersed, it is safe to say that you can never be too early to prepare yourself for shoes that will ward off the blistering cold winds ahead.

At this time, many women are still found wearing shoes that are along the lines of flip flop and sandals, but when fall comes to its peak, will your feet be ready?


There are a variety of boots that can be found in a department store. There are  different shoes that fall along the range of boots and they are wedges, heels, flats, and even textured. This type of shoes are the epitome of all footwear that can be worn in the fall/winter season which means that you’re talking about comfortable feet all season long. Many of of these shoes are worn either dressed up or down. And whatever your style is, it is sure to compliment your look.


These are another type of shoes that will make you want to go gaga for anything comfortable. Many clog shoes are designed for the comfort of others specially those who stand all day long. They compliment a look with leggings and an oversize sweater. Thinking about it just makes one want to grab a pair just for its overall coziness.


Flats are perfect when worn with just about anything. Some women choose them over any other shoes because they are so easy to put on. You leave them by the door, and when you’re ready to go out, you slip them and go! There are shoes like these that are perfect for the summer weather, and they are thinly made to help the feet breathe. Then there are some shoes that are designed especially for fall, and they are the shoes that are made specially with faux fur to warm up the feet. They are perfect the perfect alternative to boots.

Mary Janes

These shoes almost look like flats, but not quite. They tend to have a rounded tip along with a thicker heel. What separates them the most from flat shoes is that they have straps. This is ideal for women who wants to dress up but aren’t too happy about their shoes coming off so easily! These type of shoes gives a great overall coverage to protect the feet from the cold without compromising a look when dressed-up.

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