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Ever wondered how celebrities manage to walk down the red carpet or perform on stage in Louboutins?  Or how Kate Middleton manages to gracefully walk and greet others through the old world promenade and medley of cobble stone lanes in London.  Like most women we willingly wear shoes that may hurt so much, it may take an hour-long ice bath just to recover.  

But, suffice it say, we would rather not say no our favorite heels.  They can elongate the legs,  complement the calves, and yes, even I can admit, there is something truly empowering about wearing a set of heels for more than 8 hours a day.

Keeping your shoes in good repair will not only make your heels last longer, but help save your feet. When a heel lift wears down, you should get it repaired. If your sole wears out or loses its traction, have your shoe repair professional restore it.  

There are number of remedies your shoe repair professional can offer that can make the glory of wearing heels less painful:


Foam Padding

As many shoe designers have pointed out; it’s all about the padding.  Whether it’s hidden foam inserted during the manufacturing process, or something your shoe repair professional can add to ease the pressure on the ball of your foot, that little bit of extra padding is crucial to your comfort.   A padded footbed will cushion the foot and help lower the impact of wearing a high heel.

Shave down the heel

If you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of height for comfort,  you may want  to consider shaving down the heel.  For a mere fraction of the cost of your shoe, allow a professional shoe repairperson simply cut off a portion of the spike.  A minor portion of the heel, around an inch, may not affect your comfort level due to the shoe’s arched construction.  

The rubber lifts and soles of high-heeled shoe styles get worn down with extended wear, making them uneven and uncomfortable.  A shoe repair professional can cut a heel down for you and replace the lift as if it never happened.  

Worn-down heels are an eyesore and may put a strain on your ankles, legs, and back. If they have been worn down and deteriorated far enough, they may result in nail tips coming up an  irritating your feet. To extend the wear of any type of heel,  have plastic taps put on the back.


Get Heels with ties or straps

Ladies, you all know how frustrating it is deal with your feet slipping out of your heel the minute they leave the ground? It is even worse to experience loose shoes that make you drag your feet in an attempt to prevent them from falling out.  Heels with straps, ties, or buckles over the ankle or feet offer a solution.  Wear adjustable straps to accommodate swelling.

A shoe repair often makes shoes fit somewhat better.  Your shoe professional can stretch shoes that are too tight, add space for toes, raise an instep, or stretch the calves on boots.  In addition to replacing straps, resecuring uppers to soles, adjusting fit, waterproofing, and repairing orthopedic shoes, Shoe Lab can repair luggage, handbags, and leather goods.

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